Features for Customers

Storewheel is designed to act as an exclusive platform with modern way of shopping online. We try to include most of the features that provide easy access without unnecessary complication. Visitors and users of our website are more than welcome to use website and buy products. However, once users create their account and become our customers, they will have whole lot of additional features.

Some of the best features are highlighted as below:

Maintain account dashboard (personal details, addresses, etc.)
Create wishlist (create multiple lists, add and categorize products accordingly. Further, share your created list with others)
Save items for later (save from single product page or from cart page. Saved items also will be shown on cart page so those items can easily be added back to cart or to save for later list)
View and manage orders from account dashboard
Be informed on latest updates, relevant news, offers and recommendations
Priority support and exclusive features that will be added on later date