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No Registration Fees

We do not charge any registration fees to open a seller account on storewheel. Create your free seller portal today.

Easy Payments

All sales made from storewheel are transparent with quick and easy payments. All costs excluding our charges are paid ASAP.

Work From Anywhere

Online seller platform gives you hassle-free operation and freedom of doing business from anywhere in the world, with internet.

Easy & Fast Way to Start Selling Online

Step 1: Get Registered & Start Listing

  • Sign up and register your business and reach potential customers. We provide training and technical know-how for maintaining your product catalog.
  • We help you to get started with the photo shoot, product details, etc. so you can run your business hassle-free.

Step 2: Receive Orders & Increase Sales

  • After completing the first step, your products are visible to all potential customers across Nepal
  • View and manage orders from customers through our robust seller platform.

Step 3: Fulfillment Of Order & Get Payments

  • Orders received are now handled by our fulfillment partners. We provide the option for you to handle those orders if you so desire.
  • Get payments from fulfilled orders quickly and without any hassle.

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