Our website implement advertisement (commonly referred to as Ads) system with both internal and external links to them. These ads are often referred to ads that are personalized or targeted as per the views of contents on our website. These are also based on certain activities such as a purchase from our side, query for information, browsing history, etc.

The internet-based ads displayed on our website are generated from different sources. Some of them are ads of different products whereas some of them may be of services offered throughout our website. Other times, we have external clients who want to show their business to our customers that may be interested in what they have to offer.

We use cookies, robots and other similar services to learn about your interaction with the ads we display on our sites. Such interaction includes ads you see, ads you click and other similar actions. This helps us to determine and present relevant ads. Although third-party ads work in a similar manner, they may not directly be controlled by us and thus may be presented with irrelevant ads. We tend to rectify such behavior.

The information you provide to us is only stored within our site and aren’t disclosed or provided to any advertisers and service provides. However, all of your interaction behavior doesn’t count as the source for providing relevant ads. It includes your location, browsing patterns, etc. This means you will be associated with similar users of our website as a group and ads are targeted as per a particular group.

Learn more about what information is shared from our Privacy Notice.

Advertising Preferences

Currently, we are startups for providing best internet based commercial platform for various manufacturers, retailers, sellers and service providers within Nepal. As such, advertisement of various products and services are mandatory within our site to reach out to as many customers and users as possible for spreading knowledge of that particular product or service.

We appreciate and expect help and support from all of our website users to help us build a strong e-commerce platform for this nation.