We very much respect that you trust us providing your personal information. We will use that information very carefully. We intend to keep our best interest in securing the transactions and privacy of collected information. You can find how we use your information and you provide your acceptance to our privacy terms detailed in this Privacy Notice.

Collective Information About Customers:

You always have a choice whether or not to provide any of your personal information. But doing so may prevent you from accessing or taking advantages of some of the features available on our website that are simply not possible without providing them. When you provide them on our website or any other way, we keep that information. They are basically used for communication with you, make recommendations and excel our sites. With the information we collect, we can optimize our store that meets your needs, make it work easier, smoother and safer.

Some data you shared with us may or may not be known to you. These are automatic information and they can be:

  • Your browsing habits (clicking on links on our website or visit our website from external links, typing URL directly on the browser, etc.),
  • IP Addresses of the devices you browse our website,
  • Allowing us to use cookies that we send to your storage device that help us serve you better and faster, provide recommendations for you and know your browsing behavior.

Most perceptible information we collect is those which you provide us during sign up the process such as Name, Address, Contact details, Location, Payment Methods, etc. Other means include posting questions, reviewing products and participating in surveys.

We use your personal information in case of disputes to resolve the issue, marketing purposes for which we also arrange the power in you to opt-out, monetary deals, inform you about discounts and offers on products and services and prevent frauds and errors.

Sharing of Information received:

We collect information about you to serve you better, not to use it in any other way. So, we use the personal information collected from you with those who accept the practices described in our Privacy Notice.

  • Promotions and Offers: From time to time, we have offers and promotions on our website. These offers may be created either by sellers themselves or other businesses. In such case, we use collective information of our targeted customers to serve those goodies. We do not disclose with them your name and address directly and only use parts of the collected information necessary to achieve it.
  • Contractors and Third-Party Service Providers: Our website provides for third-party service providers to have the opportunity to showcase their service. These services are here to serve you better and facilitate more easily. We need to share some of the collected information with these service providers if you choose to use their service. Such contractors and third-party service providers include payment gateways, delivery contractors, search engines, email service providers, etc.
  • Affiliate Programmes: We have sellers and service providers who involve in affiliate programme. Affiliation can be for providing discounts and offers, commissions and selling products jointly. We also have an affiliate programme for an interested individual to take advantage of commission based selling of products and services. We share information related to those transactions with these affiliates.
  • Joint Business: Sometimes we need to carry our business hand in hand with other businesses for future progress. Customer information is one of a prominent business asset that is to be shared. However, we are not here for selling that information but rather using them to benefit our customers.
  • Legal Procedures and Protection: Often there comes a situation when laws and legal entities are involved with our business’ daily matter. To comply with them, we may release certain information about customers that are fitting and proper. We also have to use this information in cases where there are any disputes between a customer and our business.

Sharing of customer’s information can’t only be determined by the points mentioned above. If we need your information to be shared for matters other than these, we will inform you about it and use them in an appropriate way. You can always deny us where you feel uncomfortable sharing your information.

Security Measures:

We implement our best effort to secure your personal information and take optimum security measure to protect them from misuse, unwanted alteration and loss of such information. We also implement encryption method on all data that is transferred to and from your device browser using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate/Software.

We also suggest our users never to be careless while using computers and always sign off when using public/shared computers to protect yourself from losing your account profile with us.


We have our own sellers as well as third-party advertisers that will publish certain advertisement and promotion. These ads may link within our website or link to external websites. We use information about you and our browsing habits to populate these ads (this doesn’t involve sharing your name, address and other contact information). Learn more about them in Internet-Based Ads section.

Customer’s Choices:

Customers are the sole decision maker for the first time of sharing personal information with us. You have the choice and power whether or not to provide the information we seek from you. Points mentioned below are the deciding factor whether or not to share your information with us:

  • Take advantage of our website features such as maintaining your profile and dashboard, creating Wish Lists, managing your order, adding reviews to the product page, asking questions about the product, etc.
  • Receive recommendations and offers on products and services, and
  • Purchase products or services displayed on our website.

You have always a choice to opt-out of receiving unwanted communications from us, our third-party service providers and email related to marketing, promotion, and offers.

Your Acceptance

With all the detailing mentioned in above points about how your personal information can be used, you hereby provide your sole consent and grant us full authority for the use of information we collect when you use our website and provide information to us.